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Original Aleppo soap - Maison du Laurier Aleppo laurel oil soap - with 20% laurel oil

Original Aleppo soap - Maison du Laurier Aleppo laurel oil soap - with 20% laurel oil

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Maison du Laurier Aleppo soap - with 20% laurel oil

Traditional natural Aleppo soap for everyday use by the whole family, even for babies.
Suitable as a hand, face, body and hair wash.
With 20% laurel oil - for normal skin.

The virtues of Aleppo soap have been recognized for centuries. It is the specific properties of the oils that confer these exceptional virtues:

  • Olive oil with its natural moisturizing and nourishing properties
  • Laurel oil , particularly well-known for its cleansing and disinfecting properties

Packaging: box with information in English and French.

Product Specifications:
- 100% natural and authentic Aleppo soap
- With only 4 ingredients: olive oil, laurel oil, water & natural soda
- No added chemical components
- Dermatologically tested
- No animal testing
- Eco-friendly
- Vegan

Avoid direct contact with eyes. In case of direct contact, rinse immediately and thoroughly.
After use, keep the soap dry, let it dry on a soap dish.

Ingredients (INCI)
Sodium Olivate, Glycerin, Aqua, Sodium Laurate.

Maison du Laurier - 100% traditional Aleppo soaps
In 1998, in its factory, Maison du Laurier specialized in the production of the oldest soap in the world, more than 3500 years old: Aleppo soap .

Despite all the difficulties and challenges in Syria over the last decade, Maison du Laurier, like its ancestors, has stuck to the production and manufacture of the best natural traditional Aleppo soaps in the country. Their products are not only handmade and vegan, but are also committed to humanitarian and solidarity actions that contribute to the reconstruction of the destroyed and suffering city of Aleppo.

Maison du Laurier Aleppo soaps are made in Aleppo by selecting the best natural raw materials and have a "Certificate of Origin". They also meet all European quality standards for cosmetics (registered with the CPNP)

Content: 200g

This Aleppo soap has been made by hand since the 8th century and was brought to Europe by the Crusaders from the Orient. The manufacturing process has not changed since then. The quality of their olive oil - laurel soaps made the city of Aleppo (Halep) in Syria world famous.

Only natural ingredients such as olive oil, laurel oil, soda and water are used for the production. The olive oil mixed with soda is heated in large cauldrons and stirred slowly. Then the laurel oil is added and the soap is washed out with water until it is free of lye. After cooling, the soap mass is spread on trays, diced by hand, sealed and stored for between 6 and 9 months until fully matured.

With this pure laurel oil natural soap, you are purchasing an ideal cleaning and care product for skin and hair, which is also great as a shaving soap and shampoo substitute. The olive oil protects your skin from drying out and the vitamin E and the valuable minerals support the regeneration of the skin.

Regular use can positively support the treatment of neurodermatitis and other skin problems.

Since the protective acid layer is not destroyed and the laurel oil has an antiseptic effect, the laurel oil soap is also ideal for sensitive skin.

The lower proportion of laurel oil reduces the possibility of skin allergic reactions to laurel oil. These are completely harmless and subside quickly - but as skin irritation can occur, we would like to point this out as a precaution!

The low foam development makes the soap very economical.

Aleppo laurel oil soap is free from animal and chemical additives, without preservatives and artificial fragrances.

Aleppo Laurel Oil Soap is not tested on animals! Handmade weight may vary.

Delivery without decoration.

Manufactured in Aleppo/Syria.

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