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Surgical mask in blue 3-ply for adults - 50 pieces or 100 pieces pack

Surgical mask in blue 3-ply for adults - 50 pieces or 100 pieces pack

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Surgical mask mouth and nose protection mask 3-layer in the color blue in different pack sizes

50 pieces or 100 pieces packs mask in blue per single pack

Technical specifications:

Material: 3-layer non-woven material
Dimensions : 17.5 x 9.5 cm
Colour: light blue

suitable for adults

Protection class: mouthguard/non-medical

Made in China


  • Protects the mouth and nose area
  • disposable mask
  • 3-layer filter protection structure
  • Low breathing resistance
  • soft rubber loops
  • little breathing resistance

This 3-layer face mask effectively blocks splashes and dust. This is how you protect yourself and those around you.

The 3-layer mask made of fleece material, filter material and fine soft fibers has good ventilation and is comfortable to wear thanks to the three-dimensional folds. The rubber loops ensure a secure hold behind the ears. The mask can be worn by both men and women thanks to its ergonomic fit. Thanks to the integrated metal nose clip, it is also suitable for people who wear glasses.

The disposable masks are one size and can be unfolded. From a hygienic point of view, it is recommended to change them several times a day and not to reuse used masks.

Please note that face masks cannot be exchanged!!

The product comes with a German-language instruction manual!

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