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Najel Aleppo Laurel Oil Soap 11% Laurel Oil Argan Oil & Rhassoul

Najel Aleppo Laurel Oil Soap 11% Laurel Oil Argan Oil & Rhassoul

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NAJEL ALEPPO Laurel Oil Soap Argan Oil & Lava Earth - 100% NATURAL WITHOUT PALM OIL

Net weight: 100g

It cleanses the skin down to the pores thanks to the absorbent and degreasing properties of the lava clay. At the same time, thanks to the argan oil, it moisturizes and regenerates tired skin in particular.

Composition: 70% olive oil, 11% laurel oil, lava earth, argan oil, soda, water.

What makes the Najel Aleppo soap argan oil & lava mud so special? She is:

* Free from animal ingredients

* Free from dyes

* Free from artificial fragrances

* Without preservatives

* the final product is free from animal testing

* Dermatologically tested

Made in Aleppo, Syria

Argan oil contains antioxidant, disinfecting, antifungal and immune-boosting active ingredients and is said to have a moisturizing and blood circulation-promoting, cell-renewing effect (rich in vitamin E compounds-has up to 9 times more free-radical scavengers) and immune-boosting effects, and also disinfect wounds and help sensitive skin to heal.

* Argan oil is rich in vitamin E

* Argan oil improves blood circulation

* Argan oil relieves itching (for psoriasis and eczema)

* Argan oil nourishes dry, brittle and stressed hair

* Argan oil penetrates directly into the deeper layers of the skin

* Argan oil helps fight the signs of aging - Antiaging

 Due to its complex production and the limited cultivation areas of the argan tree, the oil is relatively expensive and a real treasure!

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