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Himalayan salt lantern 1-1.2KG

Himalayan salt lantern 1-1.2KG

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Himalayan salt lamp in lantern style

For wonderful light and a cozy atmosphere in the living room or bedroom. The colored salt lamps can be lighter or darker because the Himalayan salt is a natural product that has not been bleached.

Note: The illustration may differ slightly from the delivered goods.

Himalayan salt from Pakistan is:

- a natural air purifier

- a natural dehumidifier

- promotes relaxation - reduces stress

- economical LED light - lights up more than 20,000 hours

- creates positive energy and mood at home and at work

- Warm glow in changing pleasant colors enriches the ambience

- sleep-inducing

- Ideal night light for children and the elderly

- made from original natural salt crystals

Due to the heat of the light bulb, the salt lamp produces negatively charged ions during use, which are emitted into the room. These negatively charged ions help improve the air. How is that possible? Air is made up of many parts. It also contains polluted ions, dust particles that cannot be seen by the naked eye. These make up the majority of the ions, positively charged ions. The power of the salt lamp is to neutralize the effect of the positively charged ions by eliminating negatively charged ones. When this happens, the neutralized elements become heavy and fall. As a result, they are withdrawn from normal air circulation and the air quality improves.

Electrical devices in the house produce electrosmog, which can negatively affect the concentration and breathing of the occupants. Paradoxically, some mechanical air ionizers, designed to purify the air, actually contribute to air pollution themselves. This can be clearly counteracted with a salt lamp. This is also the case, for example, in the case of electrosmog generated by computers.

Salt lamps not only visually add a nature-related aspect to the domestic ambience, they also perform a valuable service for health and well-being through their cleansing effect on the environment. They promote health and prevent complaints and allergies. So if you are looking for an inexpensive yet effective way to support your health at home and at work.

Dimensions: ± 11×8 cm

salt crystal raw

Weight approx. 1 -1.2 kg

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