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Order the right olive oil soap for you conveniently in our shop and we will ship it to your home free of charge from a value of 25.00 € (within Germany).

Olive oil soap , laurel oil soap and soap with olive oil are wonderfully nourishing for your skin and also very suitable for washing your hair - especially suitable for sensitive, dry skin and neurodermatitis!

We have the right olive oil soap for everyone - natural ingredients such as olive oil, laurel oil, lavender or argan oil are processed according to traditional recipes and are ideal care products for skin and hair.

Olive oil contains anti-inflammatory active ingredients and has an extremely moisturizing and moisture-binding effect.

Argan oil contains antioxidant, disinfecting, antifungal and immune-boosting active ingredients and is said to have a moisturizing and blood circulation-promoting, cell-renewing and immune-boosting effect and also disinfect wounds and help sensitive skin to heal.

- rich in vitamin E compounds, has up to 9 times more radical scavengers

- Argan oil is rich in vitamin E

- Argan oil improves blood circulation

- Argan oil relieves itching (for psoriasis and eczema)

- Argan oil nourishes dry, brittle and stressed hair

- Argan oil penetrates directly into the deeper layers of the skin

- Argan oil helps fight the signs of aging - Antiaging

Due to its complex production and the limited cultivation areas of the argan tree in Morocco , the oil is relatively expensive and a real treasure!

Laurel oil has been known in the Orient for a long time because of its antiseptic and blood circulation-increasing properties:

It inhibits overactive sebaceous glands, which is why soaps and lotions with laurel oil are particularly effective for blemished skin, acne, has antifungal properties and is also good for dandruff.

However, laurel oil also has a revitalizing property on our skin cells, which is why it is extremely effective against psoriasis, but is also suitable for normal skin. Laurel gives the skin a fresh and particularly lively appearance.

With our pure natural soaps you acquire an ideal cleaning and care product for skin and hair, which can also be used as shaving soap. Olive oil soap protects your skin from drying out, vitamin E and valuable minerals support regeneration. No bleach, no artificial frothers and animal additives, not tested on animals.