Make Seo soap yourself

We make soap ourselves - look forward to naturally nourishing, gentle & richly foaming and above all sensually fresh compositions for washing hands, hair, showering or bathing.

Our handmade soap is always free of: PEG, plastic, glycol ethers, sulfates, palm oil, parabens. Handmade soap at is not tested on animals!

With us you can easily order your favorite soap online in the shop!

Goat's Milk Soap "Moroccan Vanilla Dream" - Goat's milk soap with cocoa butter, argan oil from Morocco, red clay (ghassoul) from Morocco and a sweet-fruity vanilla fragrance composition

Olive Oil Soap "Magic of the Orient" - Olive oil soap with shea butter, green clay from Sicily and a fresh, floral oriental fragrance

Olive Oil Soap "Lavender Happiness" - Olive oil soap with a fresh, oriental lavender fragrance blend, white clay and nourishing shea butter - suitable for men and women!

The soaps are handmade and contain valuable essential and precious, nourishing oils and clays. Its soft, luscious foam is a cure for the skin and a pleasant treat when bathing or showering.

make your own soap? - Simply order homemade soap conveniently online at