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Alepeo laurel oil soap, "Musk & Amber" with 8% laurel oil

Alepeo laurel oil soap, "Musk & Amber" with 8% laurel oil

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Original Alepeo Aleppo soap Musk & Amber

Content: 100g

Alepeo Aleppo Soap Musk & Amber is a purely natural product, without animal or chemical additives and is pH-neutral .

The Alepeo Aleppo Musk & Amber soap is made by hand and therefore the weight can vary minimally.

The scent is wonderfully sweet and spicy and warm with notes of musk and amber - traditional scents from the Near East .

The Alepeo Aleppo Musk & Amber soap is equally suitable for men and women; for men, for example, it is a wonderfully nourishing shaving soap.

Ingredients : Olive Oil, Laurel Oil (8%), Water, Soda, Musk & Amber Perfume

Alepeo Aleppo Soap Musk & Amber is made without bleach, without artificial foaming agents and without animal additives.

Musk & Amber Laurel Oil Soap is not tested on animals.

It is made in Tunisia in the Aleppo style .

Aleppo soap has been made by hand since the 8th century and was brought to Europe by the Crusaders from the Orient. The manufacturing process has not changed since then. The quality of their olive oil laurel soaps made the city of Aleppo (Halep) in Syria world famous.

With a pure Alepeo laurel oil natural soap, you are purchasing an ideal cleaning and care product for skin and hair, which is also a great substitute for shaving soap and shampoo. The olive oil protects your skin from drying out and the vitamin E and the valuable minerals support the regeneration of the skin.

Regular use can positively support the treatment of neurodermatitis and other skin problems.

Since the protective acid layer is not destroyed and the laurel oil has an antiseptic effect, the Alepeo laurel oil soap is also ideal for sensitive skin.

The lower proportion of laurel oil reduces the possibility of skin allergic reactions to laurel oil. These are completely harmless and subside quickly - but as skin irritation can occur, we would like to point this out as a precaution!


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